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IBDP Mathematical Studies IA Project
March 28, 2017 IBDP,Resources admin

This document is designed for giving you a brief idea about IBDP Mathematical Studies IA Project. It is a good start for getting to know what is expected from you. Going through this document will help you to understand the different criteria and their level descriptors.   After going through this document the reader will

November 15, 2016 IB MYP,Resources,Videos admin

Worksheet 1 on Indices. exponents-ws1 Before attempting this worksheet , watch this video      

Exponents and Radicals Part 1
November 3, 2016 IB MYP admin

My initiative to work on the basic mathematical skills of students around the world here is the first video from the basic series. I will be uploading more Series and and the subsequent parts soon.     Do like this video and subscribe more !